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ELDERLY CARE in Johannesburg, Germiston, Roodepoort, Krugersdorp and the Witwatersrand

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Are you in need of professional home-based care for a loved one in JOHANNESBURG, ROODEPOORT,  GERMISTON and the Greater WITWATERSRAND area? 

We provide Compassionate Care in the comfort of your own home 

We are registered with most medical aid schemes

Our caregivers are carefully selected according to their qualifications, experience, training and personality. One of our most important criterion is their compassion and tenderness towards the elderly and the sick.

We provide several caregiving options including: day care, night care and 24 hour live-in care.

We specialise in providing Elderly Care, compassionate care for Alzheimer’s patients and tender loving care for Cancer patients. All our services are provided in the comfort of your own home.

What is Caregiving?

Caregiving is the act of caring for and supporting an elderly, sick or disabled person with day to day living. Caregiving is also known as Home Based Care, Caring for the Elderly, In Home Care, Home Nursing and Home Caring. A person who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Cancer needs someone to assist them and to provide personal care. Elderly persons would need a caregiver to assist them when they develop health problems or when they are in the process of post-surgery recovery.

Due to the demands of our modern lifestyles, it has become increasingly difficult for families to assist their loved ones on a daily basis. The responsibilities of running a household, pressure at work and raising children makes it extremely complicated to provide intensive care for an elderly family member.

Our home based care services are invaluable to families that live far from their loved ones and families that find it impossible to provide continuous care for the elderly person by themselves.

Caregivers do not only provide assistance to people who are desperately in need of help, but they also provide warm companionship and friendship that is  truly appreciated by those they care for.

All of us might be in need of home based care at some stage in our lives.

More than just Elderly Care

We at Jen’s Care understand that our clients do not just need assistance with the physical aspect of daily living, but need assistance with their emotional needs as well. Elderly and sick patients experience a variety of emotions whilst still having to deal with their physical condition. Emotions such as frustration, helplessness, loneliness and boredom usually accompany ageing and ill health.

Jen’s Care employs top quality caregivers in Johannesburg, who are, amongst others, selected for their companionship skills. Our caregivers and home nurses are experienced in detecting emotional needs of the patient. Interaction with the patient and inclusion in small decision-making processes is the first step towards emotional support. The caregiver will encourage the elderly patient to converse about clothing choices for the day, choice of meals and lists of things to do.

One of the most important aspects of the emotional side of elderly care is to encourage the client to talk about their families and their lives in general. Participation in activities such as card games, building puzzles and dotting down recipes relieves the feeling of helplessness. By encouraging the client to teach the caregiver skills such as knitting or scrapbooking, he or she will develop a fulfilling sense of purpose.

Our caregivers will improve the elderly person’s quality of life – from all aspects. Our experience is that clients develop extremely close bonds with their caregivers.

Elderly Care